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Aphra Behn Oroonoko – paper

Aphra Behn Oroonoko – paper

  The paper should be based on reading the book –   

Aphra Behn, Oroonoko (Norton) ISBN: 978-0393970142

Paper #1 Assignment Instructions

The paper must be at least three full pages long, 12-point font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins around the page. Points will be deducted from papers that are under three full pages long. Do not make a cover sheet. Use MLA format for quotations. If you use secondary sources to help you with any topic they must be from scholarly sites or books (for example, Wikipedia is not a scholarly website). You must cite your sources correctly. Remember, if you did not come up with an idea yourself it needs to be cited, even if you rephrased the idea in your own words. You will need to cite the primary texts (the books we have read in class) as well. Points will be deducted for missing citations and you will potentially be committing plagiarism. The Honor Pledge should be placed after the last line of the text of your essay or the bottom of the works cited page. The last page of your paper is the works cited page (this is considered separate from the text of the paper but should still include a page number). The works cited page does not count towards the page count. The purpose of your paper is to persuade your audience of a position you have taken. That position is your thesis statement. A strong thesis statement is debatable. A statement of fact is not a thesis statement. Consider your fellow classmates as your audience, thus keeping in mind that your audience is familiar with the text/s under consideration. A summary is not an essay. 

Papers must be submitted through Canvas by 3:10 p.m. on June 12th. Do not turn in a physical copy of the paper. Late submissions and email submissions will not be accepted. 

Choose one of the essay prompts below. If your paper does not correspond with one of the assigned topics you will receive a 0.

1. What is the purpose of the character Imoinda in Oroonoko? Is her character a necessary part of the narrative?


2. Compare and contrast the way the British view and interact with the natives of Surinam with the way they view and interact with the Africans. 

  All primary and secondary sources must be cited in MLA format. A primary source is the main text or artwork that your essay is analyzing. Any outside research you include is considered a secondary source. Remember, if you did not come up with an idea on your own then you need to include a citation. Be smart about your research. Do not use websites such as SparkNotes or Wikipedia to help you write a paper. Failure to properly cite sources is considered plagiarism. 

written work must meet MLA Guidelines as well as the HSSC Guidelines for Writing Papers  

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