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Applied Mixed Method

Applied Mixed Method

1) Word count: 1500 words plus minus 10% no more than that

2) References: Chicago format

3)Search of Literature review: ONLY from ProQuest

4) Article published : 2019 – 2014 (5 years only from the latest 2019 then go backward – meaning to say the first on top is starting from 2019)

5) Please look at assignment 1 guide, follow what is require on it to come out with literature review

6) Please following the marking guide stated in assignment 1 guide

7)Urkund Score cannot exceed 10%

8) Have clear referencing and clear in-text citation(not in number kind)

9) 15 Journal articles in total

10) Take note of the language use

11)Do not discuss each article individually (this is not an annotated bibliography) but rather synthesise the literature by comparing and contrasting the different articles, critically assessing their content, interpreting meaning and implications and drawing conclusions.

12) Please follow carefully the guide especially on the part “your literature review must contain the following part”

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