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Argument Research paper

Argument Research paper

For your Term Paper in the above-entitled class, students must write a paper on Gun Control topic, and concerning one of three topics: (1) How communication effects success in the Criminal Justice System; (2) The various types of written and oral communications used in the Criminal Justice System and why they are important; or (3) The importance of communicating with special needs and/or culturally diverse populations in the Criminal Justice System.  The paper must be at least 2000 words in length and is worth a possible total of 50 points.  This is not to say the paper cannot be longer, but it cannot be less than 2000 words. Students can select their own paper topics, but they must be approved by the instructor.  The selected paper topic cannot be an issue or topic the student has ever written a paper on in the past, or for some other class.  The paper should be well-written, with proper grammar, spelling, etc.  The paper should start with a well-reasoned and clearly articulated topic/theme statement, followed by a precise explanation of each side of the issues raised by the topic, ending in a conclusion supported by the research the student has done as a part of the project.  The student needs to do research during the process of writing the paper.  All the research can be done on the internet or in a conventional manner.  The research materials should be properly cited either within the paper itself or at the end of the document.  Any citing format is allowed, as long as it provides the title of the material, the author, and the appropriate page number, etc., where the information was found. 

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