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Min 250 words

Proposal Rubric

Objectives: Using a model, to write a hypothetical proposal email answering a call for proposals from a major client.


  • Situation: Imagine that your company has received a call for proposals from a major client. You want to make sure that your company gets to handle the job. (See typical scenarios below.)
  • What product or service would you offer?
  • What price would you set?
  • How would you get the reader’s attention?
  • How would you build interest and desire?
  • What action do you want the reader to take?

Make sure to include all parts of the email in your document (From:, To:, CC:, Date:, Subject: Salutation, Body, Signature Block with Complimentary Closing).

Minor Writing Assignment Grading Sheet

Meets or Exceeds Expectations

Somewhat or Minimally Meets Expectations

Does Not Meet Expectations

Was the assignment turned in on time?

20 points

Student turned in the assignment on time.

14 points

Student turned in the assignment late with permission. [Note that some instructors do not allow late work; therefore, this category may not be valid for your class.]

0 points

Student did not turn in the assignment or turned in the assignment late in a class that does not accept late work.

Was the assignment fully complete upon submission?

30 points

Student completed the entire assignment.

21 points

Student only partially completed the assignment.

0 points

Student did not complete the assignment.

Does the work submitted show that the student has mastered the material?

50 points

Student work shows mastery or strong attempt at submission of correct work.

35 points

Student work shows moderate attempt at submission of correct work, though there are many errors.

0 points

Student work does not show that an attempt was made to complete the assignment as given.

Typical Scenarios for the Proposal

  • Imagine that a nonprofit organization focused on a particular issue wants an expert consultant to write a handbook or guide for its membership. This document will present information on the issue in a way that the members can understand.
  • Imagine that a company has some sort of problem or wants to make some sort of improvement. It sends out a request for proposals; you receive one and respond with a proposal. You offer to come in, investigate, interview, make recommendations—and present it all in the form of a report.
  • Some organization wants a seminar in your expertise. You write a proposal to give the seminar—included in the package deal is a guide or handbook that the people attending the seminar will receive.
  • You want to write a business prospectus for the kind of business you intend to start up. Imagine that you want a top-quality prospectus and don’t have the time or expertise to prepare one; therefore, you send out request for proposals to professional consultants. You change hats and pretend you are Business Startup Consultants, Inc., and send your other self a proposal to do the job. Your proposal accepted, you (as Business Startup Consultants, Inc.) write the prospectus.
  • Some agency has just started using a fancy desktop-publishing system, but the documentation is giving people fits. You receive a request for proposals from this agency to write some sort of simplified guide or startup guide.

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