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By study, and this is key, I mean something that requires primary research (interviews, surveys, experiments) and not just library research. Note also that the proposal itself is not the study; rather, it is a report designed to pitch your study to some group or individual in order to get approval to go ahead and do the study. In addition, your proposal might aim to get funding, access, or other needed tools from your audience so that you can do the study. Keep in mind that you eventually will have to do the study, so it should be realistic in terms of time and cost: something you can do in a matter of a few weeks or less.


Write the proposal. It should be geared to your audience and should clearly articulate both your identity as author(s) and the purpose of the proposal up front (review the pyramid in Chapter 7, WRTGR). It should address the need for the proposed study and should lay out in detail your methodology for conducting it. The proposal should also include all necessary explanations of costs, timelines, etc. Use at least one original graphic, and make sure graphics are integrated effectively and labeled appropriately. The proposal page count should be between 5 – 7 pages, single spaced. Recall that you will use graphics, headings, white space and other design features. This will quickly add up in page number count. I am looking for “consistency” with your layout and design.

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