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Community work #5

Community work #5

Evidence-Based Practice 


  1. Go to MDC Medical Campus Library site, and read these two EBP articles:
    • SmithBattle, L. Diekemper, M., & Leander, S. (2004a). Getting your feet wet: Becoming a public health nurse, Part 1. Public Health Nursing, 21, 3-11.
    • SmithBattle, L. Diekemper, M., & Leander, S. (2004b). Moving upstream: Becoming a public health nurse, Part 2. Public Health Nursing, 21, 95-102.
  2. Then answer the following questions:
    • How well do the findings of the research study described in these two articles reflect your experience clinical practice?
    • What interventions by your community health nursing faculty might make the transition to effective community health nursing practice easier for you?
  3. Your response should be 50 – 100 words.

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