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( Computer Information Systems Class ) Quiz – POWERPOINT 2016

( Computer Information Systems Class ) Quiz – POWERPOINT 2016

POWERPOINT 2016  – Exam (100 points)

Create slide presentation for a job you are applying for ( Soccer Player for Tottenham Hotspur ).  If you have a resume you may base your search off of the job your resume asks for.  You do not have to prepare a resume or cover letter, just the presentation.

Create a presentation with a minimum of 5 slides.  The original slide show should include the following:

  • A design template of your selection
  • A title slide (who, what, etc.) 
  • Footer on each slide to identify date created and creator
  • Bulleted list
  • Table
  • Arrows and Text Boxes
  • Graphics (one or more)
  • Animation
  • Transition between each slide

NOTE:  This is your chance to show me your skills and knowledge of PowerPoint — use as many tools or skills as you can–but at least the minimum list above!

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