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Course work

Course work

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Discussion 1A

This lesson is about contract law.

Assume you are the General Manager of the Windy Hotel in Joplin, Missouri. There has been a terrible tornado which has shut down roads in and out of the City and all nearby airports are closed. 

The hotel’s contract with its guests, as set forth in the Terms and Conditions on its website, provides a discounted rate for guests who prepay their room reservations, but the rate is “nonrefundable.” You may find a sample Terms and Conditions from an actual hotel website. 

The objective of this exercise is to learn about legal issues when contracts are affected by an unexpected event such as a severe weather event.

Search for information online or in legal encyclopedias, law journals and cases. Cite sources, not just what you think. The sources do not have to be about hotels and severe weather, but should state contract principles which you have applied to this situation. 

1.Does the hotel have a duty to keep informed about potential tornados, then to advise present and future guests about the situation? After you answer question respond to 3 other classmates.

Complete Video 2 summary following guidelines

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