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i went to a trial and wrote down what i could about the trial i will have the notes of the trial attached below the file is (Court trial notes) what i need your help with is organizing the notes i have here into field notes where the person who will read it will understand the notes. i will alos attach a files to help you see how to organize it. theres a file with the guide lines regarding of how to orginize the fieldnotew called (Some guidelines regarding your fieldnotes)

The attached PowerPoint presentation will provide you with some direction on how to organize your field notes once you have coded them and identified relevant themes/concepts. In the same way that a paper has a number of elements that are related to each other, presenting field notes in a qualitative project also involves a number of related elements. I recommend that you look closely at the PowerPoint presentation and then review how Snedker (2015) presents field notes. You’ll see some clear parallels.

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