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design and analysis

design and analysis



There is one hospital in the city, and it has been supported by the donors.

You are tasked to design the database for funds that was send by donors

Hospital has its name, address, number of beds and the name of the CEO

We are only considering the case where donors donate money to the funds that the Hospital manages.

Donors that make donations to this Hospital can be individuals, companies, or foundations.

Donors type and address always kept.

For each fund (received money from the donor), the value of the fund and Fund ID Number should be kept

Hospital has employed one individual to manage the Funds. And, that person can manage more than one Fund.

Some of the individual donors can be Hospital employees as well

We need to keep / record of each Donor’s Name and Tax ID number


In a MS Word document with APA formatting:

Develop and design each entity and related attributes the based on given parameters for the Hospital case. Your conceptual ER diagram should be reflecting the given Hospital case

For each Entity, identify the primary key and the attributes. Draw an ER diagram that shows the entity and relationship among them.  Provide your solution by using Chen’s Notation Conceptual ER diagram symbols.

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