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This week’s assignment will grant you a glimpse into the realm of modern academic research within the domain of leadership. The article provided for you to read this week will grant you insight into the structure of most professional academic papers that are published in the domain of leadership and management in general. These types of articles are also where the information found in your textbook stems from.

Although I do not expect you to be strongly familiar with the jargon, structure, or research methods aspects (especially the results section) included within this paper; I would like for you to try your best to complete the following:

Read the article, and write a detailed essay discussing your opinion on the article’s conclusions. Then discuss how the other course materials support or refute these findings. Lastly, discuss any issues that you have with the methodology adopted in the research article. Please note that your similarity score will likely be a bit higher than normal for this paper, but try your best to keep it below 30% (paraphrasing study information in your own words should help considerably).

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