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Discussion 1:

Challenges in R and how to overcome them

Even if you have extensive programming experience, you will run into issues while using a programming language. Name two challenges (or passing issues you resolved quickly) that you encountered when using R.

Examples of potential issues

  • Function call did not work as expected or didn’t work at all
  • Regex call did not perform as expected
  • Call to plot did not work as expected
  • Data was corrupted

When writing your post, please describe

  • The nature of the challenge or issue.
  • How you determined the programming behavior was an issue.
  • How the issue addressed
  • The steps taken to address the issue.
  • Did you choose to find a different method to perform the original task?
  • Did you have to resort to the Internet for an answer? If so, where did you look and what did you find?
  • Did you corrupt any data or objects with your issue? If so, what did you do to fix the issue?

Take this opportunity to consider that you were not the only student that encountered your specific issues. What you write and describe could be significantly helpful to another student. Be thorough in your explanation!

Note: Your Answer must be 1000 words and add at-least 3 references.

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