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Describe how visual representations of data are used on a daily basis to communicate information; think about graphs or charts you have seen on utility bills, or in a brochure or on a poster. Knowing how data visualization can be used in our daily lives, how can it be applied in the health industry?

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Unit 4 discussion

Joshua Taylor posted Mar 18, 2020 6:59 PM


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Visual data representations have been used for hundreds of years as a method to quickly and accurately transmit data between individuals in a method that is easy to transmit. Since William Playfair used a graph to demonstrate economic import data in 1786, they have been used frequently for everything from economic and statistical representations to mathematical data and even to provide information and representation on bills and side effects of medications. These same representations can be used in the health industry in a variety of ways. With transmission of data to consumers, we can use graphs to demonstrate risks and probability to ensure consumers understand the full picture of potential hazards. When reporting statistics as a whole from the hospital to a higher echelon of headquarters, visual representations can be used to demonstrate statistical data. Additionally with information in brochures for medications or vaccines, visual representations can accurately and quickly portray important information to the potential consumers.

Anne E. Egger, Ph.D., Anthony Carpi, Ph.D. “Using Graphs and Visual Data in Science” Visionlearning Vol. POS-1 (4), 2008. Retrieved 29 Jan 2019 from


Savanna Bullard posted Mar 18, 2020 6:20 PM


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Visual representations of data can be used in a variety of ways in the medical field to help make healthcare just little easier. Visual data can give a single dashboard for a patients entire history helping to compile all medical information into one dashboard and if all physicians used the same program they would have the entire patient record at their fingertips. It can also help with trend identification. Visual data can compile trends in the patients medical history and display them for medical personnel. This helps to better predict trends in patients health history. Another thing it can help with is improve response times. Visual data helps healthcare workers to view metrics and when they are able to view metrics they are able to make and informed decisions and find opportunities to improve patient outcomes. One more thing that I found useful was helping control access to narcotic pain medication. Data visualizations help track and reduce the number of narcotics a single person gets. Anytime a patient gets narcotic medication is put into a state wide database that can be pulled by other physicians before prescribing anymore narcotics to patients to help reduce addiction and misuse.

Khrishna, H. (n.d.). Four Exciting Data Visualization Benefits for Healthcare. Retrieved from

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