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discussion board peer response

discussion board peer response


Please respond to my peers’ initial posts below. You might mention if the response is clear, contains text examples, and if citations are present. Do you agree with your peer response?


Mary F

Of the two-story, I pick “A Good Man is Hard to Find”: because it is so full of detail and the grandmother, was the external factor she was in control of everyone in the car they didn’t know it, but she was  the main character in getting the children  to get there dad to turn around and go back to look for a house that was not there and cost them their life because she knew whom the misfit was instead of keeping it to herself  she had to let him know she recognizes him,, she could have kept  it to herself  she cost her whole family there life included herself because had internal conflict problems,

The misfit felt like society had done him wrong by convicting him of a crime he didn/t commit by seeming him to prison for killing his father he said he didn’t do it there four he has no faith ins society or the laws and rules.

Mary F


Kirszer,L.G. PORTABLE LITERATURE Reading-Reacting Writing 2016 MLA update Bookshelf Ambassador retrieved from


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