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must choose both parts …part 1 and 2… must complete this before the next ….

do not use questions in paper

For this discussion you will search for relevant research, news articles, or opinion pieces about the use of Smartphones in marketing, their applications to consumer behavior, examples of application in consumer behavior, etc. I am leaving this wide open for you to find something regarding the 1) Smartphones, and 2) Consumer Behavior (I would love to see everyone with something different, such as mobile marketing, apps, etc.). I want you to use reputable sources (they don’t have to be from JOSTR, but SHOULD NOT BE FROM Wikipedia-this is never an acceptable source) and something you are interested in to address the following points:

1. What is the article, give a brief synopsis, and discuss whether you agree with the approach/findings/etc. Please make sure to include the link or location of your article so others can read it if they wish.

2. What is the publication date of your article, and how might this affect the findings (i.e. something I show you from 2000 and something from 2016 would be very different).

3. Lastly, how does this fit with what you have been learning and reading about in the course? Tie it into specific areas or topics covered in the course so far. This is the significant application of this week’s discussion and will serve as the most heavily weighted component for this discussion post.

Your response needs to be a minimum of 350 words, use proper APA format, and address all of the above components.

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