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  These are three different discussion questions that need to be answer  and the rubric that needs to be followed thanks 

Module 1: Discussion 2 G01

Discussion 1-2: Application Activity: Critique of Mission and Vision


· Review the mission and vision for a health care organization of your choice. 

· Provide a thoughtful critique including areas of excellence and opportunity relative to the organization’s mission and vision.

Module 1: Discussion 3 G01

· Explain how health care leaders can best align organizational mission, vision, and values with division, department, and individual performance.

· Your initial post should be a minimum of 200-300 words in length and must include appropriate in text citations, scholarly writing, and formatted using APA 6th edition.

Module 1: Discussion 4 G01

· Conduct a scholarly literature search and select an article relative to health care reimbursement and Value Based Purchasing.

· Discuss your selected article relative to health care reimbursement challenges faced by acute care hospitals and the impact of Value Based Purchasing (VBP).

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