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Drive and motivation (peer response)

Drive and motivation (peer response)


Please respond to my classmate below, discuss the different levels of motivation and how students can effectively inspire each other using these principles from these 2 videos.

The puzzle of motivation | Dan Pink 

TED: Simon Sinek – “The Golden Circle” Clip


Hi Professor and Class,

I just want to point out how I love the drawings in the Drive video. This video has taught me motivation is different in each person. Also, how you may think one is best motivated may actually be completely wrong. Like he explained in the video, money is a motivator for some people, while other people may clash or be upset when dealing with more complex, creative decisions. 

This completely shocked me as money is my main motivator and I like the idea of, if you do best you get the best reward. I like how he states “pay people enough so their not thinking of money and there thinking about the work. ” Daniel Pink. This makes a lot of sense to me as I used to go to work just for the money. Now I love what I do. 

For me personally my short term and long term goals are my motivator in school and work. Money will always be a motivator as well. I believe putting hard work into school and work at this moment in my life will help me be extremely successful in the future.

Inspiration can relate, because to be creative you need to ask many questions. Like, why, how, what? He mentioned why being the hardest question and what being the easiest question. This blew my mind. Using this information I will start asking myself myself more “why” questions. I’ll do more research on topics instead of just answering questions. This video was inspiring as it will help me when answering or asking questions in the future. Or really think about things differently as well. 


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