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Federal Analysis

Federal Analysis

Critical Thinking Essay


Your essay assignment is listed below.

What are the principal methods through which the national and state governments interact with one another?

How would you assess the strength and independence of states in our current federal system?

What is the role of interstate competition in U.S. politics today? How and why do states cooperate with one another?

Cite specific  articles and writers in support of your contentions that illustrate interactions between different governmental actors.

In Conlan and Posner, eds. (2009),

Ch. 6. Keneth K. Wong, “Accountability and Innovation: New Directions in Education Policy and Management,” pp. 102-123.

Ch.7. Jocelyn M. Johnston, “Welfare Reform: A Devolutionary Success?” pp 124-156.

Ch.9. Barry G. Rabe, “Regionalism and Global Climate Change Policy: Revisiting Multistate Collaboration as an Intergovernmental Policy Tool,” pp. 176-208.

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