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Assignment one I need a recommendation letter from a community leader. I attached information about the organization. My community leader wants me to write the letter and he is going to sign it. This letter can be 50 words or less. I attached information for Kingsman820. Assignment one does not have a word count

Assignment two

Essay of 250 words or less, please discuss you academic interest and or professional goals (I’m going to grad school to be a pharmacist) I need this paper to be written. I attached my personal statement to give you some ideas

Assignment three

Address a critical health related issue that is impacting the Black community. What steps would you take to resolve the issue? What responsibility do health practitioners have with being a servant leader? I attached my essay, however I need it written over and edit and no reference. 500 words or less

Assignment four

Please select the health care profession that best aligns with your career track. (FYI, My heath care profession is pharmacy) 500 words or less. I need this paper written

These are separate assignments. I’m applying for a scholarship

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