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Read the following article:

Stadhouders, N., Kruse, F., Tanke, M., Koolman, X., & Jeurissen, P. (2019). Effective healthcare cost-containment policies: A systematic review. Health Policy, 123(1), 71-79.

The article summarizes the evidence from evaluations of cost containment policies. The systematic review is a comprehensive assessment of varied cost containment policies with some highly successful and others not successful. Pay attention to the implementation of cost containment programs by specific fields and/or departments.

The following items/requirements/questions will be assessed:

  1. What were the major trends identified in the Synthesis section of the article?
  2. Choose just two of the trends identified in the article and link them to a specific program. By the process of “reverse engineering,” propose the control measures that you would have implemented in that field to ensure that the overall objectives were met.
  3. Example: (a) The program requested a new Information System (IS). (b) The outcome was that the new system could perform the daily transactions, but did not provide many other aspects of archiving, extraction of records, and generating timely reports. (c) In hindsight, how would you control the introduction of the new system to provide management with the necessary checks ensuring that the system functions as planned?
  4. Assume that you are responsible for the implementation of the program. What type of control system would you use? Where would you put your controls?
  5. Do some quick research on the selected trends (and corresponding programs) to determine if the cost-containment controls were successful or not.


  1. Your references and citations should be consistent with APA style.
  2. Your response should be based on scholarly material, such as peer-reviewed articles, white papers, technical papers, etc. Do not include information from non-scholarly materials such as wikis, encyclopedias, (or similar websites).
  3. Your response should incorporate the objectives of the module with the requirements of this assignment.
  4. Use information from the modular background readings as well as any good-quality resource you can find. Cite all sources and provide a reference list at the end of your paper.
  5. Length: 6 pages minimum, not including the Title page.

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