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Interview/Shadow a Planner

Interview/Shadow a Planner


Make contact with a social planner (wedding or other type of social event) and spend at least a half-day with them to learn their responsibilities and routine.  Since this is a shorter term, I will understand if you are unable to shadow them, but please take some time to speak to a planner on the phone to gather “intel”. The planner does not have to be Miami based. Your report is to include: 

  • Business focus (size, price, full or day-of services)
  • Staff size
  • Favorite event they have done
  • Recommended vendors
  • Rundown of the experience & activities you had with them (or spoke with them about)
  • Outline of items learned

Don’t wait to the last minute on this one!  It might take you some time to locate a planner willing to let you shadow. Note that while due by April 21, this may be completed and turned in at any time.  No “gang shadowing” please – this is to be an individual assignment. Reports usually run anywhere between 3 to 6 pages double-spaced.  Submission by doc or docx only.

Purpose: Observe how an actual social event is coordinated from behind the scenes, and provide an opportunity for one-on-one questions and answers with a professional in the field.  You do not have to work an actual event for this assignment. 

A grading rubric is included.  Be sure to review it before submitting the assignment.

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