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mini paper

mini paper

This is Mini-Paper is an opportunity to use the content from this course to gain a better understanding of what is happening strategically in your own organization. If you are not currently or recently working, talk with your instructor about alternative organizations that you might use. Address the following:

  • Summarize the strategic direction being taken by the organization
  • Look at: Strategy formation, Strategy communication, Strategy implementation, Strategy implementation, and Strategy review/revision
  • Conclude with a statement about what you learned new about the organization’s strategy

This mini-paper should be from 6-8 pages.

All written assignments must be the students’ original ideas and own work.  Students’ work will be checked by SafeAssign software against plagiarism. You should submit your draft and review the report, make any necessary edits and re-submit your work.  SafeAssign is a tool for YOU to use to improve your writing skills; however, students found plagiarizing are subject to penalties outlined in the Policies and Procedures section of the National University Catalog, which may include a failing grade for the work in question or for the entire course.

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