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Module 4

Module 4


1. Select a large, global organization that sells a well-established product or service. Explain in detail how the company has used the various forms of electronic media to connect with its customers over the past 2 years. Include whether any missteps were made (offensive tweets, flopped advertising campaign, etc.) and how they affected the company.

2. Drawing from your own experiences and interactions, explain in detail how electronic media has changed your relationship with a company whose products or services you have used for several years.

3. Describe in detail three common types of routine requests.

4. Think about a product you purchased recently that broke or did not live up to your expectations. Write a positive letter to the company about the product, the situation, and your desired outcome. Be clear, specific and in depth.

5. A former Intern has asked you to write a letter of recommendation. The Intern in the accounting department did his job sufficiency but you didn’t like him personally. Write a professional letter of recommendation.

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