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Need Help With Session Long Assignment

Need Help With Session Long Assignment

SLP 4 Assignment/ Policy Recommendations

This is a Session Long Assignment with 5 Parts. This assignment is the Fourth Part : Policy Recommendations. My concentration is PK-12, Education. Paper must be in APA FORMAT. MUST HAVE CITED WORK AND REFERENCE PAGE. Develop a policy brief that impacts the field of education and compose a specific section of the policy  brief for each SLP assignment. Please read and understand the instructions. REMEMBER THAT THIS IS THE Fourth PART: Policy Recommendations. I have attached what has already been written/the assignment as a whole and the SLP 4 WHICH IS THE ASSIGNMENT THAT MUST BE DONE NOW.  The attachment has examples of policy brief which gives how it should be written. NO PLAGAIRISM. THIS SECTION WILL BE THE POLICY Rocommendations. 

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