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For this assignment, you will prepare a financial institutions blog  using     the Blog Tool in Blackboard.

Pretend that you are a bank leader  who     enjoys writing about financial institutions in a blog. For this post, you  will    describe how bank leaders like yourself prepare for interest rate risks.  You     will also evaluate how changes in the interest rate dictate the rates set  by      financial institutions. Finally, you will analyze how the Federal Reserve’s      monetary policy decisions impact interest rates. Bring in real-world examples     or  scenarios. Be sure that you conduct the research to back up your position     on  the  blog.

Utilize the Blog Tool in Blackboard to submit your   blog   assignment. Also, make certain to comment on a blog post of at least one   of    your  colleagues.

Your instructor will be grading your  assignment    according  to the assignment rubric. This includes your ability to  post your    assignment,  receive a reply to your post, and respond back to the  individual    who responded  to your post. Participation frequency is expected  from each     student. Be sure  that you provide an initial response to the  topic;    participate  frequently and  consistently; and respond to everyone who  responds   to his/her  posts. Also,  please use proper etiquette and social  media   courtesy   when posting  your  assignment, replying to a post, or  responding   back to your   post as it will  impact your grade.

Your  blog post   should be formatted   in a relaxed and  narrative manner; however,  remain   professional and maintain   your academic tone.  The blog must be at  least two   pages in length (500–600   words minimum). You are  encouraged to  use media   (pictures, graphs, tables) in   your blog post. You must  use a  minimum of two   sources. All references should  be  cited and formatted in  APA  style. 

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