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Phy-114 Science

Phy-114 Science

Read Investigation 2A: Surface Maps and 2B: The Atmosphere in the Vertical in the eInvestigations Manual and answer the questions using the link at the bottom of the page (“attempt quiz now”).   Note that we are NOT doing the Applications part of the labs, but substituting the Current Weather Studies (CWS) for each week. To get the CWS questions and figures, go the AMS RealTime Weather Portal in the AMSEDU Bookstore ( using the Login ID and Password you received when you purchased your copies of the Weather Studies materials and click on the “Current Weather Studies # (PDF)” link:

Note that these will give you the questions and figures for the CURRENT WEEK ONLY.  If we not in that week, go to  Archives → Spring 2019 → Chapter 2 and click on the “Open” link as it appears similar to the above.  

Note that the questions for each section of the lab (Investigations 2A, Investigations 2B, CWS 2) are on separate pages. 

or the figures that need to be uploaded, please use a scanner and save the file as a PDF. PHOTOS TAKEN WITH A CELLPHONE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

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