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Plato Analysis Paper

Plato Analysis Paper

Here is your writing prompt:

For Plato, both the Euthyphro and the Allegory of the Cave include a search for the truth.  Both dialogues discuss ignorance and wisdom, and both have similar uses of metaphors. 

Using specific examples from both dialogues, explain how the Allegory of the Cave can help us better understand the Euthyphro.

This is an academic paper, so include these 3 main parts:

  1. A short introduction to explain the importance of the Allegory of the Cave for Plato – and include your thesis statement on how understanding the Allegory of the Cave will help to better understand the Euthyphro.
  2. The main body of your paper should include 3, 4 or 5 paragraphs. Write one paragraph for each specific example and your explanation of how the example relates to your thesis.  Each paragraph must have an example from the dialogues, so please cite appropriately.  There are many examples in the text, so choose only 3, 4 or 5 examples so that you have room to provide an analysis in your own words.
  3. A short conclusion to explain how these examples relate together to create a theme for your paper.

The audience for your think piece is your classmates and your instructor.

Here are samples of how to cite – you must cite examples from the text for this paper.

Direct quote:  “Text from the dialogue” (Euthyphro, 2a). 

Paraphrase:  In the Allegory of the Cave, this important thing happened (Cave, 515c).

Do not use any additional sources – use original thinking!

PLEASE NOTE THAT NO OUTSIDE SOURCES ARE TO BE USED ON ANY WRITING ASSIGNMENT IN THIS COURSE.  My reason for this is that all students should have the same material to read and ponder as you write your assignments and take the quizzes.  Each student brings in different experiences into the course, but during the course itself, we will focus on the texts that everyone will read together!

You may type the post in word processing program (like Word).  It is much easier to edit it and then copy and paste into Canvas.  (Yes, spelling and grammar matter!)

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