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The delivery of public health services in the United States is made possible by numerous institutions (both public and private) that work together at various levels (i.e., national, state, and local) to design public health policies and manage the implementation of public health programs and interventions. This assignment will help you to understand the intergovernmental and interorganizational arrangements that support the effective management of the process of delivering public health services in the United States.

For this assignment, assume that you work for your state public health department as the team lead for the public-private partnership program, which brings together several private organizations to partner with the state in the fight to eradicate obesity in your state. Other states have learned about the success of this program, and your supervisor has organized a workshop that will be attended by employees from 15 state health departments. Your supervisor has asked you to prepare a presentation for this audience.

Create a PowerPoint presentation that assesses how various public and private organizations (for-profit and nonprofit) are involved in the process of managing and ensuring effective delivery of public health services to U.S. citizens. Your presentation should include the elements listed below.

  • Assess the distribution of public health authorities between the federal, state, and local governments and their influence on public health systems and practices in the United States.
  • Examine the relationships between public and private institutions that are directly or indirectly involved in managing public health programs and interventions in the United States.
  • Discuss the impact of politics on health reform in public health practice in the United States.

Your PowerPoint presentation must be a minimum of 10 slides in length, not counting the title or reference slides. Use a minimum of one reference, and include a minimum of one image or graphic to support your presentation. Follow APA format for all references and citations used.

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