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Identify ONE key idea from EACH of the following that you find interesting, appreciate, or have questions about. Fully explain THREE ideas, total.

      • Essential Skills for Academic Papers


Identify TWO ideas from EACH of the following chapters from Weston’s A Rulebook for Arguments that you find interesting, appreciate, or have questions about. Fully explain SIX ideas, total.

      • Chapter II, Arguments by Example (or Generalizations in older version)
      • Chapter III, Arguments by Analogy
      • Chapter V, Arguments About Causes


Analyze “Science as a Process of Argument,” Bruce Wightman and fully explain the following, referencing the author’s profession, author’s name, and title of the piece; providing sufficient detail so that someone who hasn’t read the piece can understand it; and incorporating source quotations and ideas with signal phrases, in-text citations, and explanation:

      • The author’s main claim
      • A common misconception this responds to
      • Two supporting points or subclaims


Recall the following Keys to Well Being and think of something you could do to for yourself and/or others to help when things are a little scary and uncertain, as they are now. Share this idea and why you think it could help.

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