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Yes. My door is always open for other opportunities. Working overseas gives me a chance to work with other people coming from different backgrounds and with this, this will provide me with a chance to develop cross-cultural communication skills and will force me to create stronger communications skills and confidence as I progress in my career.     

Taking an overseas job or living abroad is a challenging experience as you will have to adapt to a new culture and a new way of living. For me, the county that I feel like I am not comfortable, and I think I would not dwell in is China. China invaded my country Philippines one thousand years ago, and up to now there presences still existing in our country. They have China town in the Philippines were in all rich Chinese business people living and running their business.  

During my college days, my professor gives us the assignment to search and observe how Filipino people work with Chinese people. So I went to China Town located in Binondo Manila, Philippines. And I interviewed one of the sales ladies how they are doing in terms of salary and benefits and the treatment. Out of ten participants, only three sales lady says they have treated well the rest they have no choice but to deal with common derogative words, and the salary and benefits are not enough.    

Based on the citing official statistics, average migrant worked in 8.8 hours each day, and 85% of the migrant worked 44 hours a week, and they only earned 350 dollars per week (Lin, 2013). Aside from that, According to the Wall Street Journal, China often exploited migrant workers and the common complaints are over fatigue, insomnia, lack of energy, and frequent illness (Lin, 2013). Based on the research I have done these are the reasons why I am not comfortable to work in China.  



Luna Lin, (2013). The Guardian. How Does China Work. 

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