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Sherlock Holmes the major stories with contemporary critical essays

Sherlock Holmes the major stories with contemporary critical essays

 Basic Essay Requirements: – Submit to – 3 to 5 pages plus a Works Cited page – Times New Roman 12 Point Font – MLA formatting throughout the essay – Take an argumentative position with a well-developed thesis statement. – In every body paragraph, include of at least one direct quotation from the literary work. – Analysis and explication of those direct quotations is required. – For a 3 to 5 page paper the introduction and conclusion should each be about ½ page long. Caution: While you may need to summarize your source for your essay, this assignment is not a simple summary, and a summary turned in instead of an essay will receive a poor grade. For this assignment, you are to analyze an element (or elements) of Doyle’s “A Scandal in Bohemia.” I do not want an extensive summary of the story; however, for context, you may need to offer limited but effective plot summary. Your goal is to demonstrate your understanding of the literature or a facet of the literature. You may use comparison and/ or contrast with another short story of Doyle’s or the contemporary film as a means to flesh out your essay. To accomplish this goal, you may wish to use one or more of the following prompts to guide your thesis; however, the list below is not exhaustive, so you may choose your own topic: How could any two or three characters be compared or contrasted? What effect(s) do gender roles have on the characters? Why does a character act in a certain fashion? Is it better to be a man of action or a man of thought? What role or roles does loyalty have in the story? How does the author demonstrate themes of Victorian England within the story? In comparing the story to the film, how does American culture alter an element or elements of the story? How does the author use specific language to establish meaning in the story? What elements of symbolism reveal the themes of the story? Extra Credit Oppor 

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