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The topic is Political Frame – politics in organizations. Some believe politics are good others do not. However, politics in organizations are a reality we all must contend with.

Watch the video Course Material:

The video talks about the following items, among others:

  • Being Powerless
  • Three networks – operational, strategic & developmental
  • When your plans don’t fit with the organization
  • Creating relationships
  • Create networks with people we like and people we have to deal with
  • Relationships do not have to do with personal chemistry
  • Building relationships with people who are like you
  • Trust in politics
  • Meeting before the meeting
  • Understand how you make other people feel
  • Competent jerk
  • We get competence from other people
  • Influence in organizations
  • Reciprocal relationships
  • Creating conditions for your group to be successful

and reflect on your own experiences with the political frame. Describe and discuss a personal or professional situation that fits in the above list in terms of the video and course concepts.

Be sure your answer is supported by concepts and references from relevant materials.

300-400 words.

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