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Week 10 | Discussion


  1. Review a guide to writing cover letters, located at Next, reflect on what you learned regarding the importance and structure of job application cover letters. Ascertain the key factors an employer may take into consideration when determining whether an applicant receives a job interview.
  2. Identify two (2) key skills that you learned during the course that you think will add to your communication effectiveness.
  3. Think about your goal established in Week 5’s discussion. How well did you progress towards achieving that goal? What additional work must you do to achieve or expand that goal?

Below is a Peer’s discussion in which I’ll have to provide a response for

April Snyder

RE: Week 10 | Discussion

HI Professor/Class , 1. Cover letters are important because you can give details in relation to information you used on your resume .Your name is one of the requirements when you are referred or inquiring position thats hiring,or if you have to go directly in person. Just like a resumes when theres a job interview.The key factors are reviewing your application,resumes,reference,history and questions responses and actions determines how they hire the most qualified person in consideration.Your 2.The Two key skills I have learned during the course that I would add to my communication effectiveness is? (Communication to build relationship and business strategy.3.With my goal I think progress to a outstanding level of concept of understanding what my errors where vs correcting them .The additional work that must be achieve or expand that goal is ?I Should be more clearly defined to respond effectively and to expand my goal.Business strategy should be a part of understanding increase efficiency when dealing with leadership roles .This is may way of expanding that goal.

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