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Wk-5 D-2

Wk-5 D-2

Anti-malware software, which includes anti-virus software, is typically used to protect statistics systems from malware attacks. To stop unauthorised get right of entry to or attacks from the Internet, firewalls are brought to manipulate the network traffic between computers and the Internet. By integrating with the firewall and anti-malware software, Internet safety suites are added in the market to provide protection against cyber-attacks. In case a computer is infected with a malware, a healing tool can be used to repair the machine. The tool can additionally be used to rescue the laptop by means of booting-up the machine with an exterior disk or an optical disk to clean and get rid of the malware, or restore the desktop from clean backup copy (Barile, I. 2006). The following are lists of anti-malware software, Internet safety suites and post-malware infection recovery tools presented on different platforms, inclusive of Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac and mobile, free of charge or with positive prerequisites for your reference.

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