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Initiating a ProjectIn the previous unit

assignment, you developed a project proposal based on the project that

you chose. Your instructor should have provided you with an approval to

proceed or feedback that you will need to incorporate into your

proposal. Keep in mind that the information from each assignment will

build into a simple project plan to be submitted in Unit VIII, so take

the opportunity now to make any updates.For the Unit II Course Project

assignment, you will begin to write your simple project plan that, in

its entirety, will be due in Unit VIII. Specifically, for this unit, you

will complete Section 1.a. Refer to your unit lesson (from this unit

and the previous unit) and your required unit resources to begin your

project plan. For this unit, include the components listed below.

  1. Project Overview (Units II, III, IV)
    a. Unit II
    i. Finalized Purpose, Scope and Objectives
    ii. Project Deliverables
    iii. Project Organization


outside sources are used, please adhere to APA Style when creating

citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however,

is not necessary. Your assignment for this unit should be a minimum of

two pages in length.

use material done in week one attached

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