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You are required to complete four one page reviews of our in class lectures, guest lectures, films or Blackboard material.  You may turn them in any time but not AFTER June 5. NO exceptions, so plan ahead.

Complete up to 4 guest lecture reviews as you choose from the in-class activities.  The in class films are also all right but no more than 2 of those. These are one-page papers and they are part of your participation points.  Anything we had in class is fine, your choice.  I share your essays with the guest lecturers who enjoy them so much and appreciate them too. Keep that in mind as you write your review.

topic: History of east Los Angeles


topic2: Latinos Coming of Age in America 


topic3: PBS Website With Henry Louis Gates


Topic4: Latinas Converting to Islam 


PBS Website With HenouiHistory of East Los Angeles

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